Simon Stockhausen

Composition - Production - Sound Design - Visual Art


  • October 26, 8 pm, Wolf Ferrari Haus/Ottobrunn - Die Frau im Mond, silent movie by Fritz Lang with live music comprovised by Simon Stockhausen, more info and tickets here.

  • May 28, 11 am – solo concert at Kloster Raitenhaslach/Aula Maior in Burghausen within the festival
    Look Into The Future. More details here.

  • On February 4 - 2023 Simon Stockhausen will perform transformed acoustix within the electronic music festival Strom at the main auditorium of the Berlin philharmonic hall. Together with members of the orchestra Martin Stegner - viola, Raphael Haeger - percussion and Martin Heinze - double bass.
    Preview article in the Berliner Zeitung.