In spring 1998 Mr. Bernd Leukert, head of the department for new music in the Hessische Rundfunk commissioned a work for a concert with the Ensemble Modern. During this time I was working in Berlin at the Berliner Ensemble (theatre) and very intensely experienced the power of this city.
I had a piece in mind which would permanently `morph´ - with parallel layers of morphing textures and dynamic, harmonic, rhythmical and timbral transitions distributed among different instrument groups - a floating music, hard to locate. I decided to move from Cologne to Berlin and started collecting the soundscapes of this city on my old NAGRA-recorder. Sounds from the different districts - Kreuzberg, Tempelhof, Mitte, Potsdamer Platz, subwaystations, urban people. These collected sounds, partially processed and modified soundbits are integrated into the piece by using a sampler and are dubbed by certain instruments or groups of instruments. This process takes away the profanity of those urban soundbits - sounds from a cigarette shop, turkish markets, chainsaws - everything turns into `music´.
This piece is dedicated to my wife Andrea.

Premiered on April 4th, 1999 in the Grosse Sendesaal of the Hessische Rundfunk
in Frankfurt/Germany by the Ensemble Modern, conducted by Kasper de Roo.
Sound-projection by Simon Stockhausen and Norbert Ommer.