drivin' on my HARLEY - 2000

composition for
sounds of Harley Davidson motorbikes, voices, electric guitar
synthesizer/sampler, soprano saxophone
acoustic and electronic drums

drivin on my HARLEY



Composition / lyrics - production - synthesizer / sampler - soprano sax - speech / vocals - bells - recording - mix: Simon Stockhausen
- electric and acoustic guitar: Leonid Soybellman (Estland)
- acoustic drums: Anthony Buck (Australien)
- speech/vocals: Andrea Stockhausen-Buergin
- production assistant: Albrecht Leu

recorded and produced in Simon´s studio Berlin-Kurfürstenstraße February to April 2000 - mixed at the berlin academy of arts-studio with the help of sound engineer Mr. Morawitz

Starting-point for this composition was a recording of Harley Davidson motorbikes commissioned by the ISAP Berlin with all sorts of engine-sounds, horns, ignition-sounds, kick-starter-sounds, driving bikes and so on.
I selected the most interesting parts of the recordings, started my samplers and came across a very groovy neutral gear-sound in an 18/4 beat. Then a 9/8 rhythm roared into my ears (actually a slow 3 beat reminding me of a Strauss-waltz)and very soon I was thrilled by this project, developed a formal structure for the piece derived from the rhythms I found and wrote the first theme, in sync with the single piston-beats of the 18/4 beat. By using the techniques of digital timestretching and compression, extreme dynamic compression, filtering, constructing loops and mixing the engine-sounds with synthesized sound-structures i developed the basic atmosphere of this piece.
During the next two months I added text-fragments to the basic structure and from April 17-20 I recorded my saxophone, the incredible guitar playing of Leonid Soybellman, the drum playing of Tony Buck and the voice of my wife Andrea.
Yelling "drivin on my Harley" thru a drain-pipe, hyperventilating doing so I started wondering about my enthusiasm and felt like a Harley-Indian.