List of works

1. MUSIK FÜR JUNGE (Music for the Youth) 1974 - 76
12 pieces for piano and/or melody instruments

for mixed choir á capella setting to music a poem by Novalis

3. IN DER ARMEE (In the Army) 1976
for 2 pianos

4. FÜR MAJELLA (for Majella) 1976
for piano

for 4-handed piano

6. HARMONIE 1977
for trumpet, flute, clarinet, piano

7. NON - STOP 1977
for piano

8. HTF - KONSTANZ 1989
electronic music for a multimedia show with laserlights, fireworks and illumination

for trombone, percussion and tape
premièred on Nov. 2 1991 at the Alte Reithalle/Stuttgart/Germany
available on CD

joint composition with Markus Stockhausen for the 5th anniversary of the Cologne philharmonic hall
performed open air at the rhine gardens in Cologne
instrumental/electronic music for a multimedia show with laserlights, fireworks and illumination
also check the discography

11. APARIS 1989 -´97
together with Markus Stockhausen
compositions and improvisations of instrumental/electronic jazz music
for trumpet, saxophone, drums, live-electronics
also check the discography

12. PARAMETRICS 1992/93
commissionary work for the Musikfabrik NRW inspired by an idea from Jan Babinetz
for flute, harp, trumpet/bugle, electric guitar, drums, electronic music
premièred in january 1993 at the foyer of the Tonhalle Düsseldorf

13. Stahlgeist
for drums, trombone/Dijeridu, Synthesizer
8-channel tape and two dancers ad. lib.
premièred in summer 1993 at the Kraftzentrale Duisburg-Meiderich by
Andreas Böttger - drums, Michael Svoboda - trombone/dijeridu and Simon Stockhausen - Synthesizers / Electronics
available on CD

for flute, string quintett, bassoon, bassclarinet, trumpet, trombone, piano/synthesizer,
2 percussion players and 4-track tape
premièred by the Ensemble Modern within the festival "Steirische Herbst" in Octobre 1993 in Graz/Austria
available on CD

15. SIEBERN PSALMEN - MEDITATION IN WORT UND KLANG (Seven Pslams - Meditation in words and Sound) 1994
together with Markus Stockhausen
texts from the bible set to music
for trumpet, electronic music, percussion, female singer, saxophone, speaker
also check the discography

16. MUSIK FÜR EIN GLASHAUS (Music for a Glasshouse) 1994
Room composition for glassharp, percussion, flute, saxophone
electronic music and dancer
also check the discography

17. Fibonacci ist tot (Fibonacci is dead) 1994/95
for flute and electronic music (8-track tape)
premièred at the International Flute Congress in Frankfurt a.M. 1995 by Dietmar Wiesner
available on CD

18. NATUR ERHÖREN UND IN MUSIK VERWANDELN (listening to Nature and transforming it into music) 1995
Suite for woodwinds, percussion/drums, synthesizer and electronic music

setting to music a poem by heinrich Heine
for Soprano voice and piano

for soprano saxophone and 8-channel tape
premièred by Simon Stockhausen in Decembre 1995 at the Ijsbreker/Amsterdam

21. BRANDNÄCHTE (Nights of Fire) 1996
commissionary work for the IMD Darmstadt
für flute(s), oboe, clarinet(s), trombone/euphonium, trumpet/bugle, piano/synthesizer, 2 drummers and tape music
premièred in June 1996 at the European Sattelite headquaters EUMETSAT in Darmstadt/Germany
available on CD

22. JUBILEE 1996
joint composition with Markus Stockhausen
commissionary work for the 10th anniversary of the Cologne Philharmonic Hall
for trumpet/bugle, soprano sax, violin, cello, flute, drums, Big Band and electronic music
music for a multimedia show with laserlights, fireworks and illumination
performed open air at the rhine gardens in Cologne
also check the discography

23. E - WERK 1996
electronic sound installation for the DASA in Dortmund/Germany
revised version in 2003
this was the visual background where the revised version was premièred on january 22nd 2003
available on CD

composition for Big Band
premièred on Decembre 18 1997 at the Cologne Philharmonic Hall with the WDR-Big Band
conducted by Vince Mendoza - drums: Peter Erskine
guitar: Alexander Olivari
available on CD
excerpts(Audio MPEG/MP3) from the Live-Concert in the Philharmonic Hall/Cologne

25. KLÄNGE AUS KOLUMBA (sounds from KOLUMBA) 1998
8-channel Soundperformance with Saxophone
premièred by Simon Stockhausen on June 17 1998 at the Kolumba-ruin/Cologne
available on CD

26. BERLINER GESCHICHTEN (Stories from Berlin) 1998/99
commissionary work for the Hessische Rundfunk and the Ensemble Modern
premièred on April 9 1999 by the Ensemble Modern at the "große Sendesaal" of the hessische Rundfunk in Frankfurt a.M./Germany
conductor: Kasper de Roo
available on CD

27. MIR CD/Live 1996-99
horizontal music joint compositions with Manos Tsangaris
for female voice, speaker, drums, soprano sax, clarinet(s), electronic music
more information about this project www.tsangaris.de

28. ZEHN FRAGMENTE (Ten Fragments) 1999
for trumpet/flugelhorn, tuba and piano

commmissionary work for the ISAP/Berlin
in cooperation with the academy of arts in Berlin
with sounds from Harley Davidson engines, voices, electric guitar, synthesizer/sampler, soprano sax, acoustic and electronic drums
premièred at the yard of the Staatsbibliothek Berlin with 12 motorbikes in May 2000

30. 3-5-8-13 / 2001
concerto for brass ensemble, solo trumpet, synthesizer, conductor
premièred on May 10 2001 at the Tonhalle Düsseldorf/Germany
commissionary work for the german brass ensemble Bach,Blech & Blues
available on CD

composition for electronic music and orchestra
some parts from this piece were premièred on January 22 2003 at the DASA in Dortmund/Germany
available on CD

32. OPERA.tion Life Nexus III - 2001
music for an art/danceperformance by Lucy Orta
premièred on Septembre 8/9 2001 at the "Museum für Angewandte Kunst" in Cologne/Germany
joint composition with Markus Stockhausen
includion the single works:

1 OPERA.tion Life Nexus I (Simon Stockhausen,words by Lucy Orta)
2 sehr ruhig, zart, weiblich ( Markus Stockhausen )
3 Tara´s Flug (M. Stockh.)
4 Progression ( S.Stockh.) & waterphone impro
5 GLOW (M. Stockh.)
6 Nexuswellen (S.Stockh.)
7 Diadem (S.Stockh.) & bird/vibraphone impro
8 Quartett (S.Stockh.)
9 Departure (S.Stockh.)
available on CD

33. DA SPEECH featuring George W. Bush - 2001
electronic music
available on CD
inspired by this piece and an idea from Toshi Fujiwara, some filmmakers around the world edited videos
for an international film competition in Signapore

da SPEECH mp3 and Interview with Steve Bissette

33 B DA SPEECH instrumental version (AUDIO) 2003
this version of 'da SPEECH' was arranged by Simon Stockhausen for the band ON THE EDGE
and published on the CD James Morrison ON THE EDGE in 2003
also check the discography

34. WINTERMÄRCHEN (Wintertale)- electronic Fantasy 2002
dedicated to Clemens Steding
available on CD

34 B WINTERMÄRCHEN - version for flute, tenor sax, electronic music - 2003

35. OPERA.tion Life Nexus Acte VIII 2002
music for a light performance by Jorge&Lucy Orta
performed on June 21/22 2002 in Paris - open air at the church square of St.Eustache.
with Christian Weidner/sax - Kalle Kalima/guit - Daniel Schroeteler/drums und Simon Stockhausen/keys, ssax, composition
the first piece ADDITION is a joint composition by Christian Weidner and S.Stockhausen, the other pieces were:
Dreamvox,Jerusalem,Basssax and Finale
available on CD

36. JERUSALEM 2 / 2002
including the six principles of nonviolence by Dr. Martin Luther King
electronic music with samples from news stations around the world and a text by Dr.Martin Luther King jun. 'the six principles of nonviolence'
spoken by Andrea Stockhausen-Bürgin and Stephan Wolf-Schönburg
available on CD

37. HAND G MACHT (Sohn des Helios) - 2004
composition for a competition in Dresden
for 13 musicians / 6 singers and conductor

38. 1.000.000 Lichterstadt Berlin (1.000.000. lights for berlin) 2004
music for an art performance by Misha Bolourie
premièred on August 20 2004 at the Siegessäule Berlin
available on CD

39. Identity 1&2 2006-2008
Collection of pieces with electronic music, chamber music and orchestral compositions

40. Rheingold Feuerland - 2011
Music theatre for the Neuköllner Oper/Berlin based on Richard Wagner's opera Rheingold
For 5 singers, electronic music and 4 live musicians
Text/Libretto: Bernhard Glocksin

41. Minimal Nightmare - 2012
Dream impressions for string orchestra, alto saxophone, electronic music, live electronics, electric bass, drums
Premiered on Septembre 1st - open air at the cemetery Hamburg-Ohlsdorf with the Hamburger Symphonker orchestra, Christian Weidner (sax), Hannes Hüfken (bass), Ketan Bhatti (drums), Simon Stockhausen (electronics and conducter), Aron Kitzig (video art)

42. Immanenz - 2012
Composition for 8 instrumentalists and electronic music.
Premiered on Septembre 18 - 2012 in the Brahms-Foyer of the Laeiszhalle in Hamburg with 8 instrumentalists of the Hamburger Symphoniker orchestra

43. Doktrin der Ruhe - 2012
Composition for symphony orchestra, sampler and live-electronics
Premiered on Octobre 27 - 2012 in the big hall of the Laiszhalle in Hamburg with the Hamburger Symphoniker orchestra

44. Midrasc - 2013
Composition for 2 actors/narrators, soprano voice, oboe/english horn, cello, live-electronics
with lyrics and stories from the Old Testament, the Talmud, the mayan culture (Popol Vuh), the chinese mythology and by Stephen Hawking
Premiered on February 15 - 2013 in the chambre music hall of the Laeiszhalle Hamburg with Andrea Bürgin, David Bennent, Katja Stuber (soprano), Christian Specht (oboe/english horn), Arne-Christian Pelz (cello) and Simon Stockhausen (live-electronics - sound direction).

45. Windschatten- 2013
Composition for solo-flugelhorn, symphony orchestra and live-electronics
Premiered on May 19 - 2013 in the St. Nikolai-church in Hamburg with Markus Stockhausen (solo-flgh.), the Hamburger Symphoniker orchestra conducted by David Porcelijn and Simon Stockhausen (live-electronics)

46. Farbrausch (Blaze Of Color) - 2016
Music and sound installation for an exhibition by Mary Bauermeister.

47. Zeichen - Worte - Universen (Signs - Words - Universes) - 2017
Music and sound installation for an exhibition by Mary Bauermeister.

48. Transverse Wave - 2019
Music- and sound installation for an exhibition by Mary Bauermeister and Rashid Al Khalifa.